A Retail Buyer Is Interested: Now What?




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    Stephanie Magilow OR Andrea Chatterji

    I was at the Fancy Food Show this week and I received a card from a specific grocery store chain. The buyer told me to upload our products into their rangeme.com profile. If my products are already loaded into the system, and now I do not have that buyer's contact information, how do I send them my profile? If I go to their specific rangeme page, it is asking me to set up an entirely new account (I can't find where to link my information to their page without making an entirely new listing). Thank you!


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    Hi Stephanie,

    Although Gray already reached out to your through our support channel we thought that responding to your question in the success center might be helpful to other suppliers! Currently products are matched to retail buyers by their categories. Which means if the buyer is responsible for discovering and purchasing products in your categories your product already appears on their dashboard! 

    If you sign up through a specific retailers website, only that retailers buyers have access to your profile for your first month on the platform. If you sign up through RangeMe, you are still submitting your product to be reviewed by that retailer on RangeMe as well as the other retailers we partner with.  The difference between these two submissions is whether you are able to be seen by one retailer exclusive for your first month, or all retailers immediately. Your product profile has been matched to all proper category buyer across the retailer you spoke with is available to them now.

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